Fixed scales (instead of dynamic) for UDChart

Is there a way to make UDChart (line charts, to be specific) lock their vertical scale at a certain value?

It looks like they’re dynamic right now depending on the highest value for DataProperty

Just wanna bump this if possible.

I’m trying to find a way to manually set the Y-axis min and max values on a set of charts I have. Has anyone else done this before?

Bumping this again – has anyone found a way to lock the Y-axis to a certain range?

Essentially what I need to do is have this graph be 0-100 instead of 68-84

Just as you bumped this thread, the way I see it you would need to find out if this chart type supports setting the X and Y axis scales manually like this line chart component:-

I’m thinking either way you are probably looking at doing some component development to either add this into the UD chart if you can, or build a new chart like the one in the link which allows you to set the axis scale values

or he can open an issue in GitHub and we will try to add this


Issue opened, thanks!