Feasibility of Powershell Universal as a SQL Agent Replacement

Product: PowerShell Universal

I recently discovered Powershell Universal and think it is a brilliant software, but I am wondering if this could solve a problem my company (and many others) have to deal with when managing a multi-node SQL Server AG cluster that utilizes the SQL Agent to run business critical code. If we failover from a primary to a secondary, our team has to keep track of and manage not only the jobs code, but also what was enabled/disabled on each server and it can be a real pain sometimes.

Of course, putting all of the logic in Powershell Universal scares me as it would involve re-writing the SQL Server Agent’s logic in a different platform (notifications, job step logic, error handling, etc). I am almost wondering if it would be possible to just have the job text be copied across each server, but have the job disabled and let powershell universal invoke the sp_start_job command by using the cname to connect to the primary server.

Curious if anybody has any experience with this. It has to be an enterprise solution.

I don’t see why not?

Whatever you can do in PowerShell should be possible on PSU, you however need to build the logic how data is displayed, kept, invoked in PSU and etc.