Error when starting dashboard: New-UDDashboard : Value of hashtable is not a hashtable or string

I have a Dashboard that was working yesterday, and now it throws an error when starting.

Not sure where to look for a resolution.

Yesterday, I did update UD from 2.8.1 to 2.8.2…

Here is my Start Script, that is causing the error:

 . (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot\scripts "utils.ps1")
$DashboardSettings = Get-Content -Path "$PSScriptRoot\config\config.conf" | ConvertFrom-Json
$Root = $PSScriptRoot
$EndpointInitialization = New-UDEndpointInitialization -Variable @('DashboardSettings', 'Root') -Function @("Get-SQLHealthReports") 
$NavBarLinks = @((New-UDLink -Text "Pioneer Support" -Url "" ))
$Pages = @()
$Pages += . (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot "pages\home.ps1")
$Pages += . (Join-Path $PSScriptRoot "pages\sql.ps1")
New-UDDashboard -NavbarLinks $NavBarLinks -Title "Pioneer IT Tools" -Pages $Pages -EndpointInitialization $EndpointInitialization -Theme (Get-UDTheme -Name DarkRounded)

OK, so this looks to be some sort of issue (maybe) with 2.8.2.

I uninstalled 2.8.2, then installed 2.8.1 and now the Dashboard will start successfully.


What’s the error you are seeing on 2.8.2?

When I attempt to start my dashboard, I get the following error:

New-UDDashboard : Value of hashtable is not a hashtable or string

The content of my dashboard.ps1 file is in my initial post.

Oh, geez. Right in the title. I’m blind :wink:

If you run $Error[0].StackTrace does it give you a location of where this error may be coming from? I don’t see anything obvious in your dashboard.ps1 that would cause this problem.

I will need to re-install 2.8.2, and do that.

Give me a few minutes. :slight_smile:

So, here are the contents of the ScriptStackTrace:

PS C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts__Powershell\PES_Dashboard> $error[0].scriptstacktrace
at <ScriptBlock>, C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts__Powershell\PES_Dashboard\dashboard.ps1: line 14
at <ScriptBlock>, C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts__Powershell\PES_Dashboard\start-pesdashboard.ps1: line 3
at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 1
PS C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts__Powershell\PES_Dashboard>

The no file entry is odd.

When I use 2.8.1 the site loads, but I am getting a ‘Page Not Found’ error when I try to access the ‘sql.ps1’ page…

That file exists, but I wonder if that could be causing the issue?

  • Edit - Looks like some of the content got striped-out when I pasted. I have added it back…

Here is the InvocationInfo, for the same error:

MyCommand             : New-UDDashboard
BoundParameters       : {}
UnboundArguments      : {}
ScriptLineNumber      : 14
OffsetInLine          : 1
HistoryId             : 4
ScriptName            : C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts\__Powershell\PES_Dashboard\dashboard.ps1
Line                  : New-UDDashboard -NavbarLinks $NavBarLinks -Title "Pioneer IT Tools" -Pages $Pages -EndpointInitialization $EndpointInitialization -Theme (Get-UDTheme -Name DarkRounded)

PositionMessage       : At C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts\__Powershell\PES_Dashboard\dashboard.ps1:14 char:1
                        + New-UDDashboard -NavbarLinks $NavBarLinks -Title "Pioneer IT Tools" - ...
                        + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
PSScriptRoot          : C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts\__Powershell\PES_Dashboard
PSCommandPath         : C:\Users\mtoombs\Documents\Scripts\__Powershell\PES_Dashboard\dashboard.ps1
InvocationName        : New-UDDashboard
PipelineLength        : 0
PipelinePosition      : 0
ExpectingInput        : False
CommandOrigin         : Internal
DisplayScriptPosition :

I can provide a link to the project files, if that would be helpful…

That would be very helpful. Thanks!

Here is a link to the project:

You should be able to download the entire folder, if you desire.

Please let me know if you have any issues with access.


your issue is related to this line, when removed the dashboard started normally.

-Theme (Get-UDTheme -Name DarkRounded)

@wsl2001 Thanks for the info.

The problem is with the darkrounded theme itself if you try another theme like azure for example it works.

Thanks. I’ll stick with the Default theme, for now.


if you still wants to use the Darkrounded theme you can do the following:

locate DarkRounded.psd1 under net472\themes directory and remove the following from the file

‘.sidenav .collapsible-body’ = @{
‘background-color’ = $PrimaryColor

or replace $PrimaryColor with a color code like “#bababa” it seems that $PrimaryColor was not defined in the file so it breaks the theme.