Dashboards restarting every minute when git is configured

I’m running into this issue on two different servers, both running the latest 1.2.6. If I fill out the git settings in appsettings.json it will run a git sync every minute and even if there are no changes to a dashboard’s .ps1 file the dashboard’s log will show that it was restarted and any user viewing the dashboard will get a “Your session has timed out” message. If I remove the git settings from appsettings.json that stops the issue from happening every minute, but it will still happen if I manually run a git sync.

I’m facing similar problem, but using git outside of PSU within VSCode.
For me, dashboards restart because .git folder updates when I do something. I haven’t configured git sync within PSU, but if you have .git folder in your repository folder, it might be the reason for it.

This is a bug. I’ll make sure to get this resolved for our 1.2.7 build. It’s due out next week. We need to ignore the .git folder. You can turn off auto reload by setting the -DisableAutoReload in the settings.ps1 file in your repository. You’ll have to restart the PSU server for it to take effect.

Thanks Adam, adding that settings took care of it!

Great. We’ll get that issue patched up. For 1.3, we’re looking at making the auto reload stuff “smarter” so that kinda stuff doesn’t happen so easily.