Constant reloading of dashboard with gitsync

with 3.7.9 and autodeploy+git sync we see a constant reloading of our dashboards, the logs just show the reloads over and over again for several minutes

repeated over 25 times when a git sync happens

Starting scheduler.
Dashboard configuration complete.
Waiting for dashboard information…
Dashboard information received. Starting dashboard.
Creating services.

I’ve also had a problem with dashboards reloading, it’s not constant for me but it happens from time to time and sometimes many times in a row.

I also have git sync and autodeploy enabled

The problem exists with me as well. Every git sync causes all dashboards to be reloaded. Auto and manual make no difference. However, since Auto has far more Git Syncs, you will see multiple restarts of the dashboards.

I noticed a very large git history a short time after I noticed the behavior. I cleaned it up but that did not change the behavior. Do you also have a large git history?

Somehow I thought until now that it is somehow related. But I haven’t changed the git repro yet or deleted and recreated it.

yes I have quite a large git history, but I’m not sure if this makes a difference.

it’s getting to be a bit painful now, as we have to wait forever for it to settle down

I had to change git sync option to manual and turn off autodeploy. I restart dashboards without git sync or use git sync for restart. Git sync has the negative effect that all dashboards restart and therefore I rarely do a git sync.

ok, I disabled autodeploy and autostart and this has helped. restarting the dashboard via the vscode plugin works fine.

3.7.10 should resolve this. We had a bunch of little problems that were causing dashboards to reload a bunch of times.

Thanks a lot!
3.7.10 reduced my pain :wink:
It seemed to be fixed. After a git sync there is no restart of dashboards… fine… super fine… cool… thanks again :wink: