Dashboard deployment

ok so say my dashboard’s done - how do i deploy my DB so the team can now use it?

You’d need to host it somewhere: https://docs.powershelluniversal.com/config/hosting

You could choose to use Git sync to manage the dashboard changes and store them centrally: https://docs.powershelluniversal.com/config/git

Or you could copy (or deploy via a CI tool) your repository over with your dashboard to the hosted server since all the configuration is stored there: Repository - PowerShell Universal

thanks adam! i’ll try.

hi adam - what i mean to say is - how can i deploy the dashboard so, say, the helpdesk can use the dashboard without logging/RDPing into the PSU server?

Hello @hisgreatness3

If you goto http://yourserver.domain.com:5000/ and login, then click ‘Dashboards’. You will see all of your dashboards, click the ‘globe’ icon and it will open a new tab. Just grab that URL & share.