Automatic deployment from Azure DevOps

We currently have Universal Dashboard deployed to an internal server running IIS.
IIS runs two websites, prod and test.
We are using Azure DevOps for our Git repository with local build agents, where the master branch is copied to the prod site and the develop branch to the test site. The deployment script is quite simple, with just a download of Universal Dashboard module and copy paste website.

Can someone help with something similar for deploying PowerShell Universal?
It doesn’t matter if it is IIS or the built in web server.
From what i can see the build in Git doesn’t support branches so that doesn’t seem to be an option, and upgrading would require manual work.
Running only Powershell Universal doesn’t seem to be an option, at least if you want never versions of it.

Anyone got any good ideas or input regarding this?
Any help is appreciated!

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You can do the same with Universal. Just don’t use the built in Git support in Universal if you want to your Azure DevOps. Instead of downloading the PowerShell module, just download the PowerShell Universal ZIP and extract it to a folder that IIS is configured to look at.

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