Customizing the login page with a Dashboard

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.7

In the documentation there is a topic called “Customizing the login page with a Dashboard”, with the final hint “You will then need to implement the login features manually.”

How? Could you provide a small example?

As I’m using a multiple ActiveDirectory authentication.ps1 I need some complexity/space for user information, a dashboard/app would be ideal.

I will be updating this documentation this week as someone else is asking for more details on that as well.

I honestly have not worked with this in a long time so need to do some digging on how to accomplish it.

Hey @callidus2000

Yeah, it’s definitely related to my issue as well. Maybe you’ve seen it already:

I’ve also put together a very simple custom login page to show that with the information I’ve found spread around the docs and cmdlethelp, it doesn’t work as I imagined it should.

So I’m really happy that we can expect un updated documentation this week.

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Hi @callidus2000

Don’t know if you’ve already seen it but Adam has responded to my previous thread and therefore I think that this will probably help you as well. :slight_smile:

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