Create New Dashboard - text boxes clearing

When I try to create a new dashboard, the text boxes are being cleared after a few seconds.

Process: Click Create New Dashboard button, on New tab, enter Name & wait a couple of seconds and the text gets cleared without any interaction from me.

If I select Import the same thing happens then the tab gets flipped back to New.

I think this started happening after upgrading to this version from 2.0.0 and I`m seeing the same behaviour in Firefox and Edge.

(Another user has also reported this on the Discord server in the universal-api channel)

OS is Win 10 Pro 2004 fully patched.

Update: This appears to be fixed in 2.0.2 :upside_down_face:

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.1

I have experienced the same issue but in my case it happened when i switch windows and move away from the text boxes and come back to text boxes everything is cleared and it will go back to new even if i was on import.
i have confirmed that this issue still exists on latest release 2.0.2.

I can’t reproduce this on 2.0.2. It was certainly a problem with 2.0.1. Can you try to do a hard refresh (Shift+F5) and verify? If you still see the issue, I’d like to take a look at your environment if you have some time.

EDIT: I can reproduce this if I do the following:

  1. Click Create Dashboard
  2. Enter some info into textboxes
  3. Click away from the admin console (another app or tab)
  4. Return to the Admin console and then the form is cleared

this is exactly what i was doing to reproduce the issue as well.