Copy and Paste in PSSCRIPTPAD form editor

Perhaps I am just not getting how or perhaps its not possible but I am attempting to copy and paste elements inside of the PSSCRIPTPAD Form Editor.
For Example, If I am making a form with 4 buttons and i spend some time getting that first button just right can i copy this button into 3 additional locations on the form builder so i dont need to try and make each button match eachother exactly by changing tons of attributes.

If this isnt a feature in the form builder how do you suggest I go about making complex forms in a uniform manner?

This currently isn’t implemented. You could edit the form code directly to copy all the properties you’ve changed. That said, I realize that defeats the purpose of having a visual designer.

I’ve opened an issue so that we can get this resolved:

Thanks Adam, I look forward to seeing this feature added.

For any one that may be in the same boat. I found that creating all of the matching elements at one time and selecting them by holding CTRL and Left Clicking allows you to change properties on multiple elements at one time.

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