PSScript Pad Form Generation Questions

Hi everyone! I just purchased PowerShell Pro Tools for VS Code and so far I am excited.
I have noticed something’s that may be more on me but I wanted to ask anyways.

  1. When I open PSScript Pad from VS Code, it tells me there is an update. I downloaded it but VS Code still opens the older version. Is there a way to point to the newer one? Extensions shows everything is up to date in Code.

  2. While still getting my bearings I tried to use the from generation with one of my CMDLET’s but I noticed the form also grabbed the default common parameters and created items on the form. Is there a way to remove the common parameters from the form generation or is this more on my end and not using an advanced function? I would ultimately like to remove them from the created form but also would like to disable it from creating it in general down the road. (Most of my CMDLET’s are advanced)

Thank you!

  1. This sounds like a bug. We need to publish a new version of the VS Code extension with the new version of PSScriptPad. I should be able to get that taken care of today.
  2. We should be able to enhance this functionality to remove the default parameters but for the time being an advanced function won’t work the way you’d like.

Thank you for the reply Adam.

In regards back to 2 - Since the form auto generates the common params, is there a way to remove them from the created view as a temp solution? I tried deleting and when that didn’t seem to work, setting the visible flag to ‘False’ but it didn’t seem to stick either.


Thanks again!

It’s possible but probably pretty annoying. I committed a fix for this and will release version 5.12.11 to the marketplace in an hour or so. It’ll include the latest version of PSScriptPad as well.


Awesome! I’ll check in a bit then.
Thanks for everything Adam! I appreciate it!

Just wanted to give an update:

I saw this morning there was an update in VS Code for Pro Tools : 5.13.0

Ran through the form generation and saw that even the common params were GONE!. The form generated all my variables that I created.
Next, decided to open PSScript Pad. Opened to the latest version and the generated form (visually) did not have the common params as well!

Just to give some context: I was hoping to build a GUI based IIS App Pool bounce tool. I already have created this to be on demand for myself but I figured, lets up the ante.

Here is a picture. The only changes I made where the locations of the text boxes, title bar, and the additional giant text box.

FF to about 630PM (work was busy today), I was able to get the code to accept Arrays and output into the giant text box. The information in the image is just filler data to show concept. It works in case you were wondering.

All in all, Thank you Adam (and team) for the quick turnaround. I was not expecting such speed! I cant wait to continue building things and using Pro Tools!

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