Change font and size on -welcometext

Hi All

Is it possible to change the font size and type / colour for the text entered in -welcometext in the new-udloginpage module ?

Thanks for any help

Hi @jimmythewaltonkid thanks for the question…I do not believe there is a way to change the font size, The -Title parameter does give you larger text…please see below for how I change the colours…hope this helps? :smiley:

$LoginPage = New-UDLoginPage -AuthenticationMethod $FormLogin -LoginFormFontColor "#ffffff" -LoginFormBackgroundColor "#4392f1" -PageBackgroundColor '#FFFFFF' -Logo (New-UDImage -Url "") -Title "Your Company Fleet Management System" -WelcomeText "Your Company Fleet Management" -LoadingText "Please wait..." -LoginButtonFontColor "#FFFFFF" -LoginButtonBackgroundColor "#FF6666"

That doesnt enable you to change the actual text of the welcome text to whatever you want it to be

Thanks anyway