Cards in Pages - how do they work

how are the card components in pages supposed to work? I see that an Script/API can be set as a data source, but its not possible to embed another component in a card. I’ve tried sending text, objects, json etc as the return data from an API call

I opened an issue for this because I realize we never documented this: Pages: Card Documentation · Issue #1237 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

The datasource data mostly replaces variables in the text. For example, if you have an endpoint that returns a hashtable:

   Property1 = "Hello"
   Property2 = "World"

You could use those in the title and content text of the card. The API will be called and the text will be replaced.

$Property1, $Property2!!!
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brilliant thanks, is there any way to get markup in the content of the card?

Not at the moment. It’s just text but feel free to open a feature request for any enhancements you’d like to see in the card.