Card Header and Footer

I am trying to use a header/footer in my card. Any help would be appreciated. Below is how I thought it would be.

New-UDCard -Title ‘Photo’ -Style @{backgroundColor = “orange”} -Header New-UDCardHeader -Content { New-UDChip -Label ‘Basic’} -Content {}

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Hi @Sparky I was interested in this too after I saw your post. So I was thinking look at the documentation which I saw this parameter is passed as an object. Then I found this example:-

which shows storing these as objects to pass to the parameter. This should hopefully answer your question :smiley: create the object as a variable then pass it that way instead of doing it on the cmdlet itself…Im thinking you would need to wrap the whole thing in a script block if you didn’t want to pass it as a variable…:thinking: