Auto refresh value of card

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.13

I have a few cards that are displaying some custom HTML that come from an API but the data never refreshes unless I refresh the page. The tables in PU Pages don’t allow me to show any kids of graphics like progress bars in them so I wrote a custom table to show Disk space and some other statuses and I need it to refresh on an interval. How do I accomplish this with pages?

Can’t recall if Sync-UDelement -id 'IdOfCard" would work directly, if not you could put the card in an New-UDelement -id 'id123' -tag 'div' -endpoint{new-udcard} and then call Sync-udelement -id 'id123'

Element - PowerShell Universal

I’m using the Pages to display this Dashboard, there is no code involved. I am curious why anyone I ask seems to never have heard of or used the Pages interface and I always get an example with the dashboard framework. I guess if there is no way to refresh an element in Pages then it’s not possible.

oh my bad, missed out on that part :sweat_smile:

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