Building the Sound Module

hey all,

So I am working on the react.sound and is getting some road blocks :slight_smile:

I have created a test dashboard:

but nothing get rendered to the webpage? (the react component get loaded, as it had

as enclosing tags before, but they were left without any html for the Sound part of it.)

I am very much still looking into all the event based triggers. (im not sure im doing it correctly ;))

but please have a look, and see if you can find the issue? I get no error log in browser or in UD log.

Hey @McAndersDK not that this is the answer…but if you can upload the JSX file to the github repo, then can easily rebuild this from the source…might need something tweaking in the JSX to get this working, it might be the binding to UD. But only that will be revealed in the JSX :smiley:

Full code are present in the git respository? :slight_smile:

OK it got it working :slight_smile: it seems React.Sound dont make any html tags :slight_smile:
sweet :slight_smile:

okey, adding back in the events and it now “loops” it seems that then the onFinishedPlaying kick in, it trigger a replay of the sound.
not sure why?
(I have updated both repository with the new code)

ok ok, I can see my powershell logic is failing :smiley:

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