Beta 3.0 - 2.0 Dashboards not working

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.0.0 beta7

I’m excited about a number of new things coming to v3, so have setup a dev environment running that latest beta. Unfortunately, none of my current dashboards seem to come up in the new version.

Most of my dashboards just show the flashing lines at the top navbar and nothing ever displays. Others, I get this in the body:

<!doctype html>PowerShell Universal Dashboard.v-wrap{ height: 100% !important; white-space: nowrap !important; text-align: center !important; display: block !important; min-height: auto !important; flex-direction: row !important; } .v-wrap:before{ content: “”; display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle; width: 0; /* adjust for white space between pseudo element and next sibling / margin-right: -.25em; / stretch line height */ height: 100vh; } .v-box{ display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle; white-space: normal; }

All of the dashboards work fine with 2.11.1 on the same server, but not as soon as I upgrade. In Admin, the logs are all blank for each dashboard, as well. (One of the dashboards that returns the above text in the body is just a “sample” dashboard pulled from the templates that shows all the various components in action.)

Any ideas on what troubleshooting steps I should take next to see if I can get them working?

Is there any way you can share your dashboard? I want to take a peek. You can send me a DM or email me at

As for the issue with the log, I’m looking into it. The live logging is being a bit finicky in this build.

Thanks! The latest nightly build seems to work now with all of the dashboards I have. Still probably have a few things I need to learn (like loading modules seems it may be different?), but they are at least coming up now.

Loading modules should work the same. Can you expand on what you’re seeing with the modules?

I’m getting errors like this:

This is true for custom modules as well as even ones like Get-ADUser.

I see the modules available and running straight powershell as the service account lets me run them.

Interesting. Can you check that your PSModulePath is as expected?

Show-UDToast $Env:PSModulePath -Duration 10000

No, it definitely doesn’t have everything:

Compared to what I get at a PS 7 prompt:

Thanks. Definitely missing the WinPS modules and some other ones. I’ll see if I can track down why that is happening.

Certainly can reproduce this.

This will be fixed in tonight’s nightly build.

Yes, that fixed it!


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Most of my dashboards just show the flashing lines at the top navbar and nothing ever displays. Others, I get this in the body:

@adam I had the same Dashboard issue in 3.0.1 with all dashboards (including Sample). PSU was installed via MSI but it didn’t remove PSU 2. I had to uninstall both and reinstall PSU 3 for it to work.