Auto updating my tool

Tool: Visual Studio Code, PSScriptPad, PowerShell Module
Version: 5.21.1 (to be updated to latest as soon as finances pays the licence)

I built a tool that I package for colleagues that are not as savvy with CLI.  I would like to provide an auto-updating feature for this and was wandering if I could use the install-script/update-script cmdlets to build something like that or would it break in the transition to EXE?  If not, any advice on how to do something like that?


It might be possible to use a package management feed to do this. You could use Find-Package to check for updated versions and then Install-Package to update the package when it’s starting up.

You could use Register-PackageSource to register a UNC share that contains your packages.

that looks good I’ll try this asap! thank you for the idea!