Struggling with creating New-Installer

Tool: Visual Studio Code, PowerShell Module

So I’m trying to create an installer package using the installer module but I cannot for the life of me get the process down. The documentation doesn’t really explain what to do, just what features are supported, I couldn’t find any tutorials or videos of the installer on YouTube. Oh and there’s a typo under “Creating your first installer” btw, the first line of code says “-Product” which should be “-ProductName” but I digress.

Are there any examples you could point me too? The only stuff I’ve found really are ones people posted for troubleshooting. I particularly am having problems with the XML toolset linker verbose out stating " The cabinet ‘’ does not contain any files." which I suspect is half my problem, but I don’t know why it’s not grabbing the files.

Thanks in advance!

Can you provide an example of your script? I’d be happy to help. I can also fix the documentation issue. Thanks for bringing it up.