AuthorizationManager check failed - Existing Dashboards on new server running 2.11.0

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.11.0

I setup a new server to test 2.11.0. Most of my dashboards have pages with -Role defined on them. I am getting this error message on my dashboards:

I’m not finding this error message in my logs, and haven’t made any changes to how my roles work in 2.9.3. Any ideas on where to look for more info on this error?

I am using Azure AD for authentication and the one dashboard that is working does show the claims coming across properly.

I just found out that this is an issue with dashboards running in the integrated environment. If I move them to a custom environment or default, it seems to work.

Is there a change in the integrated environment around authorization?

The AuthorizationManager check actually doesn’t have to do with PSU authorization but rather a component of PowerShell.

It could be that something isn’t signed correctly on our end (like the PSM1 file for the dashboard) or that the files are not unblocked (Unblock-File)

Is there a way to see what module/cmdlet/file may be causing this?

You should be able to check in the dashboard log.