Dashboards using Powershell 5.1 fail to start on PU 3.7.6

Hi Team,

After upgrading to 3.7.6 from 3.6.4 none of my dashboards that use Windows Powershell 5.1 environment start anymore. It gives me an error 500. Log spits out “A required privilege is not held by the client”. The service account I’m using is a local admin and it works if I switch to Powershell 7 “Integrated” environment or i switch the runas from ad account to default . Any ideas?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.6

I was seeing the same issue on my side. Except that when I restarted the environment half of my dashboards disappeared! The only good thing is that the ones that disappeared were not important…(examples)

Same happened to me too, they disappeared off the GUI, you can re-add them using the same name and they will pop up but they disappeared again after a service restart.

Are either of you seeing errors in the notifications about dashboards.ps1?


In my environment all the dashboards disappear from the GUI except the very first one

I realize all you did was upgrade but I would verify some of these privileges in your environment to make sure they are still as expected because this is the exact error you see when one of the accounts doesn’t have all the proper privileges.

You could also try the DontLoadProfile setting to Set-PSUSettings.

I realize now this should be on the environments tab and not on the automation tab. It affects all run as functionality. If you check it, it won’t try to load the profile for the user running the dashboard.

I was able to reproduce on 3.6.4 by downgrading. I then reviewed the rights needed and added the service account into those rights. After that I restarted PSU and dashboards using 5.1 started successfully. Will readd the missing ones to GUI. Not sure why it was working before, it’s possible my user rights assignments got reset by Chef or GPO managed by server admins. Thanks Adam.

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