Any guides on setting up a multi-server environment behind a load balancer

I’m thinking about adding a load balancer and setting up powershell universal on multiple servers for redundancy… Any guides or best advice to keep everything synced and working well.


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.2.1

hey jyoakum, I am doing something similar! I have two servers behind a load balancer. I am using DFSR to keep the various directories (mostly the programdata) in sync (with some exceptions). For example, I have found that trying to replicate a secret for use use in elevation accounts does not work so well as the cred is stored in the local cred manager from what i can tell. I mostly use it to make sure that changes that i make for a dashboard on one server replicate to the alternate. Hope that helps!

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Yeah, gives me a place to start, thank you.

Great Idea using DFSR to sync the files.
The credential vault “issue” could be remediated using a third party password manager, and with that you would only need to update a token on each server.

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I imagine you’d need sticky sessions configured on your LB too

Yep. You’ll immediately have issues with dashboards since web-socket promotion won’t work if sticky sessions aren’t configured.