Adjusting my backup database files script for Universal Powershell [Docker+Unraid server]

Hello, I have following script which connects over FTP to remote server and looks for .BAK files (database files) and if there any newer, then download it to some directory. Now I want: put this script on powershellUniversal in order to set chrone job (each day at 6:00 am to execute)

  1. to add uploading these files on my google drive in some deciated folder, not to store it on my server.

Im using unraid server, and my code works except these 2 things and it loks like this:

$Client = Connect-FTP -Server '' -Verbose -Username 'backupsql' -Password 'something'
$List = Get-FTPList -Client $Client | Where-Object { $_.Name -like "myproject1_*" }
$List | Format-Table

Write-Host "Starting download of total xy files..."
Write-Host "Please hold..." 

foreach ($file in $List)
  $filePath = $file.FullName
  Get-FTPFile -Client $Client -LocalExists Skip -LocalPath 'C:\Users\ste\Downloads\BackupSQL\' -RemotePath $filePath

Disconnect-FTP -Client $Client

Im using powershell > 7.0 and I inmported a module for easier getting ftp session.

So, the first issue is to how can I add a module from github repo, or to add it manually with lib folders and psm file? (module is on this link)

Second issue if I decide to preserve it on my unraid server, how do I know which path is correct?
Third issue which is not related to PowershellUniversal, how to add Gdrive upload for each file
And the last thing is to put this script under a cron job to execute each morning at 6.00 am