How to move files in folders?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.0

With the addition of folders in Powershell Universal I am wondering if the ability to move scripts between folders will be added in the near future or if it is possible now and I completely missing the feature. Thanks!!

I dont believe this is a feature yet, I just removed and re-added my script in the correct folder where needed.

I wonder if you could simply move the files on the drive since that is all it is doing?


Guessing if I tried this it would be locked so I’d probably have to stop the service. Not sure if that would break anything or not.

I tried it and the UI doesn’t update the location of the file.
The UI isnt showing an active list based on the files themselves, rather just objects that have been created in the UI.
Basically, if you move the file outside of PSU it will break the script path and wont update in your folder structure, I’m sure this is probably already on the roadmap - to provide a move function in the UI.

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Thank you for testing that!

I’m new here and just getting started playing around with PSU. Created a directory for Scripts inside of the repository directory called Scripts, as I created a Published Folder in the repository folder called Images and wanted to create separation here but keep it all in the same place for git.

Anyhow, I noticed a bug when I tried to create a folder inside Scripts called Test, I got an error pop up. Then a little while later I noticed that it did create the folder, but it put it inside Scripts/Scripts/Test instead of Scripts/Test.

On top of that, I’d second a request to have the mentioned feature on the roadmap.

Playing around with it some more, the entire functionality seems to be a little funky and not behaving as I would expect it to. But as I said, I’m new here, so maybe it’s a me problem.


I have the exact same problem, did a lot of testing and it’s comming back all the time. Do you use Github 2way?


It looks like moving scripts is an option now.

You need to go to the scripts settings page and use the “Folder:” drop down, then save settings.