Uploading CSV File to Be Processed By Script


I have my script written in PowerShell and it’s working just fine.

I am new to the new UD(3.x) in Powershell Universal and trying to take my script to a webpage. My script needs to ingest as many spreadsheets as the user wants and then allow them to download the modified data at the end. My issue is finding how to upload file(s) using Powershell Universal.

It’s missing from the current version of Universal. A LOT of people are asking about this though so I’m going to make sure we get it into version 1.3.

I’m expecting a New-UDFileUpload cmdlet or something similar.

Do you know of any type of work around I could use in the mean time?

Could always have the file be put on a network folder with a specific name and then have the script call and execute it based on that location.

I’m wanting the user to upload a csv to be manipulated via the front end.

This will be available in tonight’s PSU build in UDv3.

You can use it stand alone:

        New-UDUpload -Text "Upload" -OnUpload {
            Show-UDToast $Body

You can also use it within a form:

New-UDForm -Content {
            New-UDUpload -Text "Upload" 
        } -OnSubmit {
            Show-UDToast $Body

The body will contain JSON in the following format:

        data: 'base64 encoded string of file data',
        name: 'filename',
        type: 'type of file, if known'

Thank you Adam!

So this isn’t currently here?: https://imsreleases.z19.web.core.windows.net/

Thank you for the amazing product and can’t wait to implement this!

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Not yet. It’ll be in tonight’s nightly release which happens around 12:00 AM UTC-6