Access PSU repository

Is there a way to access PSU’s repository, either privately or publicly, via a Git client? If so, how?

I’d like to have a local clone of the repository.


Are you using Git sync? If not, then the repository is just a local folder within PowerShell Universal. Git sync would enable you to sync and clone it locally via git.

The Git sync feature is already syncing to an Azure DevOps repo. I pull that repo down to my laptop so I have another copy of it in case the **** hits the fan, and would like to do the same with the repo in PSU (for the same reason). Is there a path I can go to, to access the PSU repo, like https://psu.server.internal/git or something along those lines?

Not built in but you could create a published folder that servers the repository directory. Something like:

New-PSUPublishedFolder -Path C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository -RequestPath /git -Authentication -Roles Administrator

EDIT: On second thought, that might not really do it since you’d have to access the files one at a time.

You could use git bundle to create a single file from the PSU repo.

Then you could serve that over a published folder. You would need to run the git bundle on the PSU server in a script or something. You could also do it with an API where when you call the API, it runs git bundle and then returns the bundle file.

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That could work. Thanks.