Git sync without using PSU's Git sync controls?

Is it possible to Git sync completely without using the built-in Git controls inside of PSU but have the changes reflected within PSU? The Git syncing functionality within PSU seems to be unstable and often fails for various reason, even when telling it to use an external Git client. If I were to perform a Git sync entirely outside of PSU to sync the .git repository path with our external Git repository, would PSU recognize the modifications to the folder(s), or would it break PSU because the sync wasn’t initiated by itself?

Any change in configuration file will be detected by PSU, so in theory - it should work.

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And (in theory) the tracking info (i.e., who changed what) would also show in PSU, I would expect, since that’s part of the push/pull. Correct?

Following up with this, to close it out, yes this did work and all records of who changed what were reflected within PSU.

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The Git syncing functions continue to be a source of problems, even when having PSU set to sync with an external git client, so we (I) have now entirely disabled the Git syncing feature in PSU and am now using a Bash shell script called via a scheduled task every X minutes to perform the following:

cd C:\\ProgramData\\UniversalAutomation\\Repository
git update-index --really-refresh
git add --all
git commit --all --message "Regular auto-commit"
git pull --all
git push --all
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