2.8.3 - Azure Theme

Opening the Nav menu on my dashboard is doing this after the 2.8.3 update… Anyone else getting something similar or have any advice?

Was behaving normally in 2.8.2

Hey @Jacob-Evans …if you go into your 2.8.2 module folder \netstandard2.0\Themes copy the Azure theme from there…rename or overwrite the theme in the 2.8.3 folder…boom problem should disappear after a good old stop start if you running in IIS…I would also report the problem on the official bug report here:- https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/new/choose so that this issue is reported, and thread the link on the issue. Hopefully this is enough information to fix your theme issue, and report it at the same time :crazy_face:

I’m pretty sure that would fix the Nav bar, but break the admin tool bar which was fixed in the 2.8.3 theme.

Ahhh…I’m not using either versions yet due to IE issues…guess rename the 2.8.3…then if you have a butchers through it, sure you could see the admin toolbar bit in there, so then replace the faulty bit in 2.8.2…then if you get it all working sweetly then post a commit to github

I’m not that good with CSS to be able to get it fixed.

dude, trust im no css master…just right click and inspect the current admin bar in the working 2.8.3 theme find the class name being used…then do a CTRL+F in the Azure theme file and copy the working version to replace the dodgy version…or go at a powershell angle and use the compare-object on the new and old theme and see the difference…if you inspect the elements and make a note of the class names that will show you what matches to what. You can do it :grinning:

Managed to figure it out, opened a bug report cause i’m not sure how to really contribute to the code and figure it is easy enough to implement :slight_smile: @adam