Zip install, no UA modules

I followed the instructions for doing a Zip install of PSU and running it behind IIS, site works etc. However, I have no UA modules at all: no -UA anything. Have all of the modules been superceded by -PSU modules?

Sadly, much of the documentation and videos reference UA cmdlets.

What info can I provide to diagnose this? Windows Server 2019 Standard build 1809, IIS, PSU 3.5.5. I do not see any modules anywhere with UA…

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

All cmdlets should be prefixed with PSU. If you see UA in any documentation or older videos, you should be able to just replace it with PSU and the same cmdlet should be there.

The UD cmdlets are also included in the Universal module so you only need to install that module if you want to access it outside of PSU.

If you are working in PSU, the module is already installed in the ZIP directory in the Modules folder.

I’d be curious where you are finding UA in the docs because that should be up to date and if we have that wrong, I’d like to get it corrected.

Thank you for confirming, Adam.

Here is just one example: When I see more, how would you like that to be addressed?

As far as videos, I don’t recall and I probably won’t rewatch but a few.

I’ve fixed this issue. Thanks for bringing it up. If you run into more, you can post about it here, open an issue on our GitHub for the docs or even put in a PR if you are so willing.

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