More modules available in the .msi installation then in the .zip?

I have a locally running instance of PU on my laptop. It contains:

Now I am trying to get an instance up and running on an IIS. This is using the .zip file. It contains:

Why is that? Can I copy the modules from my laptop to my IIS?

you need to open both locations and compare what is different on each machine, you can always add modules to the module folder and test.

Hi @Peter1,

I am assuming that you are referring specifically to the integrated PowerShell console. I took a closer look and I can affirm that the same 19 modules are included in the PSU installation whether it is the MSI using the Kestrel or the ZIP installed for IIS. Below are screenshots from both that you should be able to reproduce the same results on your side.

There is no need to copy any modules as each installation does have the required files included but I can see why this discrepancy can cause concern. I see the same difference in the tally for modules on the integrated PowerShell on my end.

Comparing the difference, the IIS version of PSU seems to include all of the locally installed modules from the Windows\PowerShell directory whereas the MSI version does not.

@adam - Could you please weigh in on how the module count for the Integrated PowerShell consoles is calculated under Modules?

You are absolutly right.


I solved my particular problem by downloading a module (PrtgAPI) from the gallery from with in PowerShell Universal.

Hi @Peter1,

Thanks for following up to let us know how it turned out. If you feel you were helped please mark one of the posts as a Solution.

For your information and anyone else who might come along in the future, it is possible to use Save-Module from a different PowerShell (outside of PSU) to save the module into your PSU instance (assuming that the session has full elevation to that directory). This might be desirable in a production environment. Pictured below.

I was then able to use the module from within the PSU integrated environment.

(figure shows a PSU Terminal running in the integrated PowerShell)

Nice! This is very handy!

Thanks for the info.

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