Where is UniversalDashboard.Editor?

I’m wondering where the module UniversalDashboard.Editor are stored? I clearly using it and I also import it with the dashboards.ps1 but I can’t find it on my server and I can’t see it in “Add Components” in the admin GUI.

Before it was stored in the ProgramData/PowerShellUniversal or in ProgramData/UnviersalAutomation

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.2.3

It is just part of the UniversalDashboard module now.

So then I can just remove the following from dashboards.ps1?
“UniversalDashboard.Charts:1.3.3”, “UniversalDashboard.CodeEditor:1.2.0”, “UniversalDashboard.Editor:1.0.0”, “UniversalDashboard.Map:1.0”, “UniversalDashboard.Style:1.0.0”

Yep! Those are all included now.

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