Vscode module, can I see other .ps1 then the Dashboards?

I want to access my other ps1 files then the Dashboards is it possible? I do other pages in separated .ps1 files then it should be great if I can access it trough the vscode module also.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6
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From what I recall, you can see your dashboards, apis, scripts, and configuration files.

That’s correct. But if I create a new ps1 file in the same folder as the dashboard I can’t see that file.
It should be great if that was possible as we are often working with pages for the dashboard.

@adam maybe something to add as a function?

Hmm, if I understand correctly, as long as those script files are defined in scripts.ps1 they should show up. That said, if you’re working to that extent in VSCode (assuming you’re hitting a local instance of PSU) you could just open the folder in vscode.

Hi again,
No, I’m working remote.
But I can ofc open a network share folder.

Regarding the script folder, that’s correct that your saying but this is not scripts it’s page files that the dashboard are calling for to then show in the dashboard.

We have built it like this because otherwise if everything is in the dashboard main ps1 file the file will get gigantic!
I’m already at 1500 row of code.

I understand what you mean. I don’t know that there is a really well-suited option for that as of now. But I’m sure Adam would be interested in hearing about that feature request.

i have similar design for my dashboard because its easy this way to debug and more organized so the dashboard file wont show the pages instead will show the code which point to these pages but for me i don’t host these files on the server, I actually host them in private repo were i can access them online and edit them if i need to then restart the dashboard to pull new version.

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I’d suggest dropping a post in https://forums.ironmansoftware.com/c/universal-dashboard/feature-requests regarding this idea