Edit a dashboard page from VSCode

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.6.3

When someone creates a new dashboard, theres an option to add a page to this dashboard.

 + .git 
 + .universal
 + .vscode
 - dashboards
   - MyDashboard
     - pages
        MyDashboardPage.ps1     <- How to edit this file in VS Code?

How to edit a “subpage” from a dashboard, in VS Code ?
There doesn´t seem to be an option to open it from within the extension.

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

The “Configuration” content is available through the VScode extension, in it you can browse open and edit the contents of the Reposity folder.

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Holy crap. I’ve just been loading the folder as a workspace in VSCode. I never thought to look at the configuration tab.


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