Using the VSCode extention over a HTTPS gateway?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.14

Does anyone use the PowerShell Universal VSCode extension over a HTTPS gateway?

I’m wondering if this is supported.

I have loaded up the extension, and it works without error on my localhost container, however:

When I attempt to connect to an FQDN or IP address, I get the following:

If I add :443 on to the end, I get the following:

Is there or, will there be, any support for using this over HTTPS?

It would be a quite a ‘nice to have’ feature, so I can automate dev environments in the cloud without data going over HTTP.

The VS Code extension uses the HTTPS NodeJS module so it should work. I see that you can get this error if you prefix the URL with the scheme (HTTP\HTTPS)

I wouldn’t be surprised if we were missing some sort of config for the HTTPS connection here.

Thanks @adam,

I will need to go and take a deeper look at this.

This is an instance in Azure protected by an app gateway. I suspect terminating SSL there is presenting some challenges.

HTTP and HTTPS prefixes were removed from the URL however, the Connect-PSUServer command returned the following when specifying port 443:

Connect-PSUServer: Call failed with status code 400 (Bad Request): GET

I’ll have a rethink of how I can do this.

Many thanks for the info :slight_smile: