Upload Multiple Files or all files in A folder

I see a request for this from May 21 Multi file upload but can’t find if their is a way to do this.

We have multiple CSV files that need to be uploaded and merged into a table. Its not clear the best way to make a UI to do this. If I don’t hear back I’ll look into doing it via Published Folders but this will make the User learn a new process vs the single CSV imports they already do via New-UDUpload via a button. If i can make a button or something on a dashboard that uploads to published folder and then a button that executes the import from the published folder that works as well. Guidance is appreciated. The assumption is that the user has access to a folder that the PSU Server does not. Using a shared folder with a path variable input by user is possible but requires some firewall ports to be open and seems likely to result in more help each month during the import process.

While it isn’t possible with a single component, you can create a multi-uploader like this.

        New-UDForm -Children {
            $Session:UploadCounter = 1
            New-UDElement -Tag div -Id 'uploads' -Content {
                New-UDUpload -Id 'upload1' -Text 'Upload 1'
            New-UDButton -Text 'Add Another File' -OnClick {
                Add-UDElement -ParentId 'uploads' -Content {
                    New-UDUpload -Id "upload$($Session:UploadCounter)" -Text "Upload $($Session:UploadCounter)"
        } -OnSubmit {
            Show-UDToast $Body

A new upload will be added when you click Add Another File and then when you submit you will see all the uploads.


I used this code,
how can I add an X option for remove the button?