Upgraded to 4.1.0, Git stopped working - Git synchronization failed. Invalid object name 'dbo.GitBundles'

This was a new table that was added. Was it added to your SQL schema? I actually think it was added before 4.1.

I don’t see it in the list of tables no.

I also don’t see aythiong that could relate to general “Logging”, could this be relevant for my issue that I dot get any logs anywhere i PSU sinde 4.0?

No, logging issue persists when switching to SQL Lite. bummer.

This is why you wouldn’t be getting log entries in PSU for sure. I would think that the system logs would contain some info about this. It seems like it’s not running migrations during startup.

I can also reproduce the issue with SQLite logs. This will be resolved in 4.1.2