Database-log.db Size Configuration

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.1

We’re doing some dev/testing of PSU running as an Azure App Service. We are only using a small instance size at present (Basic B1) but I think the problem we have may cause a problem with even the larger instances.

When we have Git sync enabled, the size of the database-log.db file grows to ~10GB after a few hours. This exhausts the allocated instance storage space and no further syncing happens or is logged. The database itself is only 270Kb! Reducing the sync interval will help but doesn’t resolve the underlying issue.

Is there a way of controlling the size of the logging database, i.e. enabling circular logging? Could/should I just place the logging database elsewhere on disk?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve been seeing a lot of oddities happen around Git-Sync when running in Azure as App Service (non-container).

The enormous database-log you mention could be due to Git issues occuring in the background. Is your Git-Sync funtioning as expected or is it maybe in error, generating all there errors that fill up the database-log?

No, it appears to be working fine. Reducing the sync to every 15 mins has improved things, but I think it will still eventually run out of space. When it does run out of space, Git sync definitely stops working :rofl:

Fair enough, was just thinking “out-loud” :slight_smile: