Update hosted v3 doc


Can you please update the hosted v3 doc, as the code in GH is newer and is including a lot of additional documentation and bug fixes.


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Sure. I’m gonna get the enterprise version published so that I can include the nivo charts and stuff. Expect something at the end of the day america time.

Great … looking forward to this :+1:

I’m fighting a bit with an issue that has popped up and is effecting the poshud dashboard. It might take me a little bit to get the hosted one working. It seems to lock up and get very mad both locally and when hosted in Azure.

Trying to get to the bottom of it but looking like the hosted one won’t be updated today.

No Problem, just wanted to note this down :slight_smile:

Ok. I think I solved it for now. The site is very slow for some reason. Might because it’s the free tier but it seems to be working ok. The nivo charts pages aren’t working yet but I’m looking into that.

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Sounds good :slight_smile: