Universal Dashboard Marketplace - Back by Popular Demand

You can find more information about the marketplace in this blog post: https://ironmansoftware.com/back-by-popular-demand-universal-dashboard-marketplace/


Looks great. Thanks.

Maybe it’s just on mobile.
But to me there’s missing a browse ability. Search only works if you know what to search. With a function to browse, or ‘see all’, the lesser known components get more exposure.

I mentionned that too on another thread,
That is unpractical.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround for you :
(The marketplace use the gallery with the tags behind the scene)

For Ud-Controls

For UD-Dashboards

Couldn’t sleep so I added some browse functionality to UDMarketplace. If you go to the home page and scroll the bottom, you’ll see browse buttons for all modules, dashboards and controls. It’s a good first step and will improve in the future.



God bless insomnia! :latin_cross:

Looks good!