UD Marketplace Feedback

Was looking at the Marketplace today and realized there is no way to view all available modules

There is a search function, which is great, but you have to know what you are looking for.

Currently it does not seem very “just looking” friendly as i can only see 12 of the 18 modules, if that grows, there is even more that a user would not be able to see.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this is something that needs to happen. I will try and make roll that out soon.

Another round of feedback!


Using this page as an example, the description/text is covered up by the install/info box. Can that install/info box be made to collapse so the text can be readable? Or maybe shape the text so it avoids the box.

This is probably my bad having such a huge a$$ name for the module. I keep in the UniversalDashboard.UDcommandName
as my naming format as you see thats pretty long so i think this is my naming convention at blame
You on about this though yeah where it kind of goes over the layer…

Actually, no, i wasn’t on that. I see that perfectly normal on my screen.

No, i was going on about this, the text being covered by the install/info box.

Im using firefox on a small laptop screen

Chrome on a 24" 1080p and i get the same thing on my 13" 1080p.