How to commercialize UD Dashboard

I’ve had good success internally with a Dashboard and have been asked if I would set it up for another organization and with the new licensing models this is now something I’m considering.

With UD Marketplace, I can see there is a tag for Free and Premium, does this mean there is support or plans to support pay to access dashboards/components? If not would this be something that Ironman would consider providing and taking a cut from sales of particular dashboards and/or components?

I’m wondering if anyone has done this and has any insights they wanted to share?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.11
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It’s something we’ve thought about for awhile but never put together the paid component of the marketplace. I do think there is a market for high quality custom components and dashboards. Let me think about how to manage it a bit and whether it’s something we want to tackle. There’s a lot that goes into standing up a marketplace like this so I would want to make sure it was well thought out.

At the very least, we could provide some mechanism on the UD Marketplace so that you can publish links to download paid components and dashboards and you can manage it though a reseller like FastSpring or Gumroad.

Thanks Adam, i look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with