Universal Dashboard Helmet

Make changes to the <head> tag from anywhere within your dashboard. You can change the page title, add scripts\css or add meta data tags.


I can’t get this to work when trying to add a meta tag for verifying with google.

New-UDPage -Name "Home" -Icon home -Endpoint {
    New-UDCard -Title "Home" -TextSize "medium" -Content {

        New-UDHelmet -Content {
            New-UDHtmlTag -Tag 'meta' -Attributes @{
                name    = 'google-site-verification'
                content = 'HtNoT4x-nq989WRAr1iVQ1LUDPJqYDTHt9cIJAIkFqA'

        New-UDHeading -Text $User
} -DefaultHomePage -Id "home_page"

It doesn’t add a meta tag. What am I missing?

Are you seeing any JavaScript errors? (F12) I haven’t had any problems with this particular component in the past. Your code looks fine.