Link custom functions

Having issues linking to custom javascript function

I tried new-uddashboard -scripts “c:\temp\myFunction.js” but the chrome console displays cannot load local resource error

Any help much appreciated

Hey @Srichman0128 I believe @BoSen29 is the man to answer the question, as I believe he contributed an Invoke-UDJavaScript I personally would look at using that to run the JS file and do it within an ENDPOINT that’s my 2 pence worth :slight_smile: not done this myself btw
There is also UD-HELMET which you can get on the marketplace, a bit of info is here:-


Hei @Srichman0128
As @psDevUK mentioned, the Invoke-UDJavaScript can be used to trigger javascript events on demand.

The -scripts param needs to reference a script in a published folder.
See the following link:

You’d also need to publish the folder if you want to go the UD-Helmet way, as the client needs the javascript file avaliable.

Shout if you need anything else!