New-UDHelmet - Component not registered

I am trying to use New-UDHelmet to change the title of the tab in the browser and have used the example that Adam stated in the help, but when I run the dashboard, i get that the UD-Helmet component is not registered, any help would be great thanks

> New-UDHelmet -Content { New-UDHtmlTag -Tag 'title' -Content { "Hello" } }

Are you actually importing the module into your dashboard? Have a look at my blog here:-

In the bottom code sample you see how I am importing this custom component into my dashboard. I hope this helps, but thats the only thing to spring to mind, as not a complete code sample, and not sure what version you using, but this method always works for me, and hopefully it will help you out too :slight_smile:

Thanks again psDEvUK, i had imported the dashboard, but I had not put the module name exact, I put universaldashboard.helmet instead of UniversalDashboard.Helmet once that was rectified it worked.

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