Universal Dashboard Facing the Internet

Has anyone exposed their dashboards to the internet?

The reason that I ask is that I have a friend that needs to build a web app with conditional forms functionality where the questions are different depending on how you answered the preceding question, and different options can appear, disappear or change when conditions are met or not met.

I don’t know much about web development, but I’ve used the old versions of Universal Dashboard to a point where I am sure I could help him to build something close to what he wants.

Basically the dashboard/app should have:

-some kind of login/security
-conditional forms
-upload pictures capabilities
-securely face the interwebs

Does this sound like it could be done, or should I tell him to look elsewhere?


If it sounds like something that can be done, which license should he purchase?


You can use PowerShell Universal for this.

It provides login and roles: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/config/security
For a condition form, you could use a stepper: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/dashboard/components/navigation/stepper

or maybe just a form: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/dashboard/components/inputs/form

For uploading pictures, you could use the UDUpload component: https://docs.ironmansoftware.com/dashboard/components/inputs/upload

And for hosting on the web, you can use HTTPS. The rest of the security is built into the platform.

You could just buy the Universal Dashboard feature if you’re not going to use the rest of the platform: https://ironmansoftware.com/pricing/

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Wow, thanks Adam!

I didn’t know about stepper, that’s awesome.

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