UdTable rowselection


Is there a way to select more than one row at the same time in a table? The usual shift + left click doesn’t work for me.
It works in UDDataGrid, but there, there is a footer which shows selected items, and I don’t understand how it works. When I change the page back and forth, selection disappears, but it is still counted in the footer, also all page is not there in rows per page


Use -ShowSelection parameter; the documentation is not very clear but does show the parameter used here: Table | v4 | PowerShell Universal

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear. I use ShowSelection. The problem is that when I have a lot of rows, and I want to select let’s say 30 rows in the middle, it is 30 clicks. In some other applications it usually works with shift + left click, but not here. Interestingly it works with UDDataGrid, but there I have the issue with the footer when I change the page after selection. I didn’t find any hints how to fix that.

I just have filters on my columns, then allow users to filter the data and then you can use the select all at top in the header. If it’s server side processing only the rows shown will be selected.

You are right, correct filters can help, but sometimes it is a convenient way to select rows, and it works with UDDataGrid. Though I have different problems with the latter :slight_smile:.UDDataGrid would be fine, but I can’t figure out why it loses the hook on the checked items after changing the page while they are still counted in the footer. Besides there is only a few examples to work with.
Just trying to figure out what is possible and how it works. :slight_smile: