UDTable Export issue

Hey when using the -Export flag on a table it only exports the current rows on display not the entire table.

For example I have 681 entries but its limited display to 5 rows it only exports the 5 rows. Is this a bug?

@SnV It sounds like what is being exported is exactly what is being displayed. You can use the
-Pagesize NNN switch to set how many rows get displayed in your table but its going to use those hard coded values so if number of table rows changes, that will be an issue.

Ideally there would be a way to be able to display/export all rows like -PageSize * or -Export * (or maybe that does work, I can’t test right now)

Using the Page size only helps if you want to display all the records. But it is only exporting the rows that get displayed. Kinda defeats the point of an export button.

-EXPORT * Does not work.

@adam any ideas?

Are you using -LoadData or -Data? Either way it’s a bug.

Using -Data,

Trying with -loaddata can you give an example?

Is there any thoughts on a workaround I really need this feature.


My current work around is to have the page size offering highest number matching the full count of the object, the user can select this and then export.

Any idea when this bug will be fixed?

I’ll take a look for 1.4.6 which should be out this week.

fixed and will be in 1.4.6

Great thanks man.