Chart Export not working

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.1.4

I have an odd problem where the export on one of my UDTables isn’t working. See the below (apologies for the heavy blurring, the table is displaying work info)

In this case, I have perfectly accurate results being displayed to me on screen via a UDTable, but when I try to export (exporting all as CSV), I will get a new csv named data (or whatever i chose to name it), but the csv itself is completely empty. The code itself is pretty simple.

New-UDTable -data $Data  -columns $Columns -Paging -PageSize 5 -Dense -export

$Data and $Columns are just standard hashes.

Oddly enough I have a completely different dashboard that is exporting table results, and using almost the exact same command. Why is my table export, exporting null results? This behavior happens both in our prod (v. 2.10.2) and in our sandbox (v. 3.1.4) environments this. What am I missing here? Any ideas?

Are you including the -IncludeInExport parameter on the columns?

I am not. Neither in the table that does export nor in the one that doesn’t. The one that works doesn’t have a columns hash, but let me add the -IncludeInExport to my columns hash on the one that doesn’t work. Thanks for the tip.

Bingo! That did it! Thanks. Still learning my way around things, so n00b mistake

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