UDStudio + PowerShell Preview in VSCode?

I was curious if there was any way to get UDStudio to recognize the PowerShell Preview extension (vs PowerShell) in VSCode as it has a lot of bugs fixed and features resolved, as well as first class support for Pwsh.exe in the Integrated Console. If this is something simple, I’m definitely missing it.

We would need to publish a UDStudio Preview that targeted the Preview version of the PowerShell extension. It should be a relatively small code change. Most of the work will be the build and release pipeline to publish another extension from the same source.

I’m a little hesitant to do it at this point because the preview version should be going live in February.

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Hmm, fair enough I suppose. I’ve yet to get a chance to really use UDStudio, since the one full functioning DB I have running runs in pwsh and we intend to continue to use it across the board (as all future projects here will be .NET Core / Standard) :wink: