UDRedirect to refresh the same page

Hello All… Need your help!
I am using UD button inside UDGrid and inside this button there is invoke command which calls powershell script on a remote machine and once script is completed, sleep for 60 secs and then I am using UDRedirect so that the page refreshes. In this case, page loads but it continues loading without any progress.

New-UDGrid -Item -ExtraSmallSize 4 -Content {
#New-UDLayout -Columns 1 -Content {
New-UDRow -Columns {
New-UDColumn -Content {
New-UDButton -Text “Click here to Stop the Services” -OnClick {
(Invoke-Command -ComputerName xyz -Credential $MyCredentials -ScriptBlock{call.ps1 -Verb RunAs}
sleep 60
Invoke-UDRedirect ‘http://localhost:5000/dashboard/…’
} -Size large


code is something like this.

What happens if you try Invoke-UDRedirect -Url “/” ?